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5x Blues Music Award Nominee MICHAEL POWERS

funkmaster producer ERIC DURHAM

Eddie Durham Music Publishing

- Jefferson Blues Magazine writeup    pdf

Created and maintains: - Displays & A/V available for Jazz & Swing-Dance Exhibits


Daughter of AMERICAN JAZZ and N.A.R.A.S. Hall of Famer: EDDIE DURHAM, Sr.  (youtubes).  "Of the major groups active during the Swing Era, only the orchestras of Duke Ellington and Earl Hines were unaffected directly by the talents of Eddie Durham."  Professor Dave Oliphant     



Former Board Member of seminal, grassroots organization AmSong, Inc. who spearheaded the SONNY BONO COPYRIGHT TERM EXTENSION ACT (1996) - signed by former President William Clinton.  This Act expands by twenty years, the term of ALL copyrights before they fall into public domaine.  AmSong's Board included Hoagy Bix Carmichael, Mary Rodgers, James Hammerstein, Jack Lawrence, Thelonious Monk, Jr., Jamie Bernstein, Edwina (W.C.) Handy, Michael Strunsky, David Lahm (for Dorothy Fields), and Elizabeth Peters, all under the counsel & direction of Lisa Alter, Esq.


-Member and former Board Member of The International Women In Jazz (IWJ).

-Member and former Board Member of The Harlem Swing Dance Society.

-Principal of Swingin the Blues! Durham Music Publishing, Inc. (
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